Chapter 1. Introduction

Lortug (Lots Of Ridiculous Toolbars Using Gtk+) creates toolbars that can have commands attached to their components. To make things more interesting one can nest commands within other commands in order to have commands use the output from other commands. One can also place edit and combo boxes on the toolbars. The contents of these boxes can be used as the arguments of commands. Similarly one can place toggle buttons on toolbars and use their state as arguments to commands. Lortug also provides the ability to query the user for a filename which can then be used as the argument to a command.

Creating toolbars with Lortug is accomplished by writing script files that are processed when Lortug is started. These script files specify both the layout of the toolbars (ie which components go where, what icons to use on the buttons, etc.) as well as attaching commands to the components. Attaching commands to toolbar components is done by using a simple scripting language.