The VARS section

Lortug stores state information from toolbar components in variables. These variables can also be used as arguments to commands and commands can manipulate their values. Variable values are simple strings. The variables must be defined in the VARS section. This section begins with BEGIN VARS and ends with END VARS. In between these two lines any number of variable definitions can be placed. The syntax for a variable definition is [variable name] = [initial value]. An initial value does not have to be specified, if it is ommitted then the variable will initially be empty. Even if the initial value is ommitted the = is still required. If the variable is included in the SAVE_VARS list of the OPTIONS section then the initial value is only used if something goes wrong loading the saved value of the variable (as happens when the state of the variable has never been saved before). The following example creates three variables: foo1 and foo2 are left empty initially while foo3 is given the value of "fooed".

BEGIN VARS foo1 = foo2 = foo3 = fooed END VARS